Top 10 Things to see in Dubai

The Dubai Mall

As the name suggest, this is the ultimate Mall of all the Malls. If you are planing to visiting just one mall while your stay here then this it the IT mall. It has every top notch brand under one roof. Even if you arent a shopping buff, this is the place where you will be able to see one of the worlds largest Aquarium. Other things to check out are the Waterfall and the musical fountain

Burj Khalifa

Right next to the Dubai Mall is the worlds tallest building Burj Khalifa. Do take the elevator to the toppest floor to get a 360 view glimpse of Dubai. you may need to do prior online booking for the tickets to save time.


Palm Jumeriah and The World Islands

Dubai has no end to its architectural marvels. If the worlds tallest building stands here, then the worlds artificially created Palm shaped island also exists here. Do check out the only 7 star hotel, Burj Al Arab

Dubai Museum

Take a tour through the history of Dubai and see how this land of sand transformed itself into an cosmopolitan city of skyscrapers and flashy cars in just half a decade. Watch out for the satellite picture images displayed which shows Dubai during 1920s vs Dubai in 2010.

Ski Dubai

Situated in Mall of emirates, Ski Dubai is skiing arena situated inside the Mall. You have seen the sands of Dubai, come experience the snow of Dubai. There are also special Penguin showtimes, check them out while you visit here.

Jumeriah Beach

Visit one of the most exotic beaches of Dubai. This blue beach surrounded by silvery sand gives a breathtaking view.

Desert Safari

Dubai stay will be incomplete without its 4 wheeler Dune drive or Dubai desert safari through its sandy desert followed by a buffet of Arabic cuisines and entertainment by Belle dancers. You may need to keep an entire day aside for this but its definitely worth the experience.

The Creek

Take a stroll through Old dubai as you walk along the Creek. Situated next to Dubai Museum, this place also offers Dow Cruise a renowned tourist attention. While here do try the Hookah joints available along the Creek.

Gold Souq

Long before the shopping bust, Dubai was famous for its Gold. Visiting Gold Souq will remind you it still is pretty much the hub to buy gold. Also the best place to buy duty free gold.

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